The School

The 12th edition of the Optoelectronics and Photonics school in Trentino aims at introducing students and post-docs with an optics/photonics background to the concepts of Photonic Quantum Information Processing, focusing on the hot topics that are driving the recent technological and scientific research in this field. The target audience are PhD students and young researchers, who will have the opportunity to attend the lectures given by the top-level scientists leading the quantum optics and photonics community.

This year the school is organized in the frame of the H2020 FET-Open project EPIQUS and the Quantum at Trento activity. The lectures will be held by internationally recognized experts and will cover both fundamental science aspects and applications. The students will have the opportunity to interact efficiently, exchange their knowledge, and, importantly, discuss and learn directly from international experts in the field.

The Fondazione Bruno Kessler and the University of Trento will organize this edition of the school. M. Ghulinyan (, FBK) and L. Pavesi (, UniTN) will be the school directors.

The school will initially introduce the general concepts about the Quantum Information science, with particular attention to their implementation in photonic computing and machine learning. The school will offer a series of lectures to prepare the attendees on both software (programming languages and algorithms) and hardware implementation (photon sources, detectors and integrated photonic architectures) of nowadays quantum science. Finally, a number of lectures will cover application-oriented aspects, such as Q-random number generators, Q-Key Distribution and Q-imaging. A total of 33 hours of lectures will be distributed.

In addition to standard classes, rump evening sessions on hot topics in the field with free beers and beverages will be organized to facilitate discussions among students and lecturers. Since this is a residential school, both the students and the lecturers will reside in the same hotel, which will facilitate discussions in an informal venue.